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Saturday, July 29, 2006


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With a view like that, who cares about work!! ;-D

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take aim and...

I have always wondered why nasty little (ehm... actually, not so little) buggers such as centipedes and scolopendras in particular, seem to be such an unavoidable feature in my house (well, having a house in the sticks with a defunct door has its disadvantages, I guess...) and after having spent almost every night for the past month and many weekends before that, lessening their numbers in total disgust, it just came to me! It is actually, great fun!! Better than a video game, it practises your reflexes (spot the centipede, evaluate its current position, gain access to the closest flip flop available while trying to not alert it to your presence) and it really sharpens your aiming skills to a razor's edge! They also come in kinds, the small fast buggers and the longer scolopendras that are a tad slower but more vicious and harder to cream.

In the last two days, after graduating from the first levels of the game (in the corners, behind furniture) I have moved to the more skilled levels, getting them on the ceiling! And since I am not Spiderman (Spiderwoman?) or The Fly, I have developed a finely tuned weapon, the Flying Flip-flop! It took some time to find the correct way to balance the weight of it so that it gained on the target without leaving any spots on my ceilings (hey, I do not want to repeat the experience of painting those again, way too tiring) and now, I am proud to say, centipedes beware!

So, instead of spending any time on the computer playing shooting games(not that I do, really), I exercise biceps, throwing arm, and spring by reducing the house's body/feet average between two and eight (I have nothing against spiders in general) and keeping it there! Every night, a new challenge! (Plus, getting stung by a scolopendra is really very painful, and that keeps me alert!)

Tomorrow I'm checking out new doors, though!!! ;-D