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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Desde el cielo habló la Luna llena

Pre-birthday birthday cake, prepared by niece and nephew... (Chocopie, with ehm... unique taste in decoration, each kid had one half...)

Θεία, έλα λίγοοοο!!! :-D

And on the exact time... :-D

Ehm... isn't that a bit radical for birthday candles?

Fire coming our way, fast...

Good thing the firefighters got there and got it under control. Kudos, people!! :-D

Second fire fighting plane dropping its load.

And gladly, all done with...

Ehm... I said SCORPIO not scorpion... jee... get your spelling correct fairy godmother!

Delivery with choir level "Happy Birthday" from the lands of the North, to the lands of the exotic South!! That was a brilliant (and hey, very, very tasty) surprise!! ;-D

The German birthday loot, part 1!

The German birthday loot, part 2!

The Mexican birthday loot!! 
(Yeap, it's a serial birthday... problem? :-P)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cos this is our zone

And as the world around us spins into one of intolerance, injustice, unemployment, conservatism and bigotry, in our microworld, we are blooming!!!

Christianna, already 7 and a half, got her growing up gift: 3 weeks on her own, with her aunt!! Aw, the girls, living the big life! :-P

Which, included SCHOOL....


...(yeah, ok, but still we had joy, we had fun...)

 And a unique way to play Ubongo!! (Ubongo artwork by Hector and Christianna).

Oh, and grasshopper hunting was very successful...

Watching from high grounds! :-D

Habemus χελωνάκι!!! :-D

Kid.... Summer.... And we both cartooned ourselves silly... :-D

 Birthday party!! 

Pop corn accident? What pop corn accident? (Innocently batting eyelashes...)

Ehm... are those enough, you think?

Day trip to Olympiaaaaaa!!! Let's goooo!!! (Ok, admittedly, this also included a school but hey... Ancient Olympia!! :-D)

You are HERE!! :-D

Hm... let's see... when is that museum open...

Oh... ancient Greek looks a lot like modern Greek, no?

One, two, three, go!

Yeap... we're booked...


p2p!! :-D

And obviously, we spent quite a bit of our time, knackered!!!

Cause we make crepes...

Help aunt clean....

And obviously, we are ever ready for waterbombs.... hehehehehehhehe....

Well, not only was aunt studying....

She spread the bug...

AND provided the munition for the waterbomb duel!! Hehehehhee (Yeah, I know, evil aunt....)!

RUN, Christianna, RUUUUUN!!! (Oh, and they picked every bit of broken balloon from the street when they were done... Evil aunt is very particular about littering...)

Black Sheep, Settlers of Catan and of course, Carcassonne... Oh, and 6Nimmt... and Uno.

And Dimitris' answer to one of the questions in my Model Thinking mid-term exam: 
"Each member of a five person team has one unique idea for how to approach a problem. If ideas can be applied individually and in pairs to create approaches to the problem, how many total approaches does the team have? (Hint: think of this as recombination). Please input your answer as a whole number with no punctuation."

Yeap, we need a proper telescope...

Hehehehe, my minions to the hunt... :-D

I just LOVE spiders!! :-D

Kids hanging beach towels...

Hm.... are these pegs enough?

Maybe some more?

And Dimitris, already 9 and a half, learning to program from my courses! :-)

Well, everybody has their unique way of taking notes....

Hm... ok... the colours are a bit garish, but hey....

(Hm... copy/paste and functions in the next class... :-D)

Aw... we do need a normal telescope...

And off we go!! :-D