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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Νήες ποντοπόροι (Seafaring ships)

One of the most interesting seminars I have attended, and in Kalamata no less! Myceanean ships, ancient ports of the Mediterranean, ancient ship wreckes, underwater archaeology. The amazing travel through time started yesterday and held us captive till late afternoon today. The presentations where absolutely fantastic and the making of our own ship out of clay, the archiving of the cargo in Linear B tablets and all that jazz, had us in fits of laughter! Linear B, simply rules!!! I was captivated some years back when I got a book concerning the subject and read it in one go, it all came back last night (how much of a geek am I??)!!!

Today's visit at Englianos, at the palace of Nestor and the museum at Chora made it all so very real. Archaeological digs and experimental archaeology, especially in underwater locations are simply fantastic! The museum features the best depiction of an octopus in the world (it really jigged our appetite...) and we all had a great time studying the artifacts. The deciphering of the Linear B tablets on show, was simply hilarious (ook...)!

And now, it's festival time!! ;-D


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