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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hardware, failure no more

This Murphy dude decided to step on my toes lately and my well-trusted desktop has decided to play tricks on me, so I have to drag my digital self someplace else. The data is not lost in all probability, but it's inaccessible nevertheless so I have to redo most of the school stuff on the laptop.

Anyway, there are very few things that actually disturb me lately!! Past weekends spent travelling, this one holds an environmental seminar in Kalamata, and the whole of next week is in Patras for the 8th International Panorama of Independent Film- and Video makers all day long after school! (Tip from cinematia's blog)

A big cheer for Aggelos whose work has been exhibited in the Biennale of Costa Rica and then on to the one at the Czech Rebublic, another to Daveaki for his new song which has made my september much too brighter than it already was!

So, who cares about mundane things as desktops and related paraphernalia? To oblivion, I say! ;-D


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