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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No la quiero, para nada

Puerto Madero......


Waiting in the, oh, so, not-used-to-this-kind-of-port facilities, and then... (Rafina, and Highspeed, my "$%$%"$%&/%$&/%&%!.....)


Colonia del Sacramento.... Absolutely beautiful...

The oldest town in Uruguay, and one of the most relaxed and picturesque places I've seen....

These streets, really got to me...

The beach, of Rio de la Plata (a RIVER? I mean  I still find it hard to believe that there's no other bank in the horizon...) and on the other side of the road, summer houses and villas.

Aptly so!!!;-P

The Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos, a very impressive bull ring that has been in operation for only a brief time.

And done in a moorish style, no less!!

And now, to derelict to use, still really impressive.

And of course, the Barrio Histórico, where the Portuguese and Spanish fight for domnance over the city is very apparent.

The tranquil look of the place does not really convey now the  years of changing of hands of the place between  the Portuguese and  the Spanish.

It is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The drawbdidge and moat leading into the  castle.

A regular tourist attraction, since over half of the population of Colonia del Sacramento, live of tourism.

A portuguese styled street, the oldest road in town.

Yeap... wars....

This seems familiar....

The Lighthouse.

Typical cobbled street, Spanish style.


Oh, yeah, they are about!!!! Fully functional and amazing to look at!!

And serviceable too!!! Multifunctional car... ;-P


(Hmmmm..... there are more....??? )

Climbing up the stairs to the lighthouse...

And the spectacular view from the top.....

Yeap... up...

And up...

And up...

The catholic experience!


Blogger Кроткая said...

τι, μόνο αυτά;

1:28 am

Blogger Sophia said...

From Colonia, yeap... Iguazu and Buenos Aires in previous posts, la Boca, in the next!! :-P

1:36 am

Blogger Darthiir the Abban said...

Μπάνιο έκανες;

10:14 am

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Ω, ναι, στενάξανε οι ντουζιέρες!!! >;-Ρ
Όσο για τον Rio de la Plata, τον απέφυγα σε αυτά τα σημεία, είναι που το νερό μου δεν το προτιμώ σε αποχρώσεις του καφέ!!! ;-Ρ Τι να πω, είμαι διεστραμμένη!!

4:36 pm

Blogger philos said...

Εξαιρετικό το ταξίδι που μας προσέφερες! Και σε άλλα σύντομα! :D

1:41 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Μερσί, μερσί, κι εγώ έτσι λέω!!

2:03 pm


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