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Monday, April 25, 2011

Just this beautiful, complex, wonderfully unfathomable, NATURAL world?

 Aaaaand.... IGUAZU, BABY!!!

The Argentinian side of the cataracts,everything is very accessible, though it took us about 6-7 hours to do it all at an easy pace (including the boat trip, hehehhee)!

 La Garganta del Diablo!! And, no, neither camera or Sophia are waterproof!!! Totally soaked through, totally loved it! ;-P

 Hey, coati!!!

 Misty shower from the cataracts, and rainbow!!

 Oh, I can so get used to this kind of beauty, and force of nature!!!

Ehm.... most certainly NOT allowed to do that!!! ;-P (hehhehehehehe)

Yo, hey, guys, ehm... you know there're some cataracts around here? Pretty massive ones? ;-P
(Famous last words: oh, what a niiiice river... hey, what´s that noise?)

 Walking, walking, walking.....

...over the river, the way to the Devil´s Throat!

Butterflies (and other more annoying and less spectacular insects) simply everywhere!

 Jacuzzi, baby!!! Though, too strong I'm guessing!!

 Aaaaaand, BRAZIL, BABY!!!!

(Yeap.. we did the dolby surround of the cataracts, totally worth it, even though the Brazilian national park is rather more commercialized and less natural than the Argentinian one, it is an absolute must, cause you get to see the Argentinian cataracts in full view!!!


 Aha... owner!

 So, worth going there too!!! Second day of cataract showers, but hey, what are swimsuits for? ;-P
 Cataracts, and then...

 ...more of them....

 ...and the small dock for the boat trip that takes you under the spray, on  both sides of the island, in the speedboats, also tooootally worth it, and a unique experience!! Be prepared to get soaked to the bone (to the swimsuit, rather, hehehe).

 Catwalks with a view!!!

The Argentinian side, from Brazil.

 The Brazilian boat trip, on the other side of La Garganta del Diablo. Just look at  the spray... Wowwww....


The Brazilian catwalk that takes you to get super soaking wet..

Been there!!!!!!!!!! Done that!!! (Wanna do it again, though!! ;-P)

 An elevator takes you from the top to the bottom, if you are us, who totally went the other way round than everybody, else, and loved it!!! ;-P


Hard to believe that we went into that spray by boat the day before!! (Yeap... got the video to prove it!! ;-P)

 Pretty impressive...

 Waterfalls, over waterfalls, and so on...

 Aw.... watching it from the other side!!

And hey, and you would think all that water wouldn't make you thirsty..... but, no, so, coconut water!!!


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