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Monday, April 25, 2011

We’ve got Sunday morning coffees in the sun


The obelisk, in Buenos Aires, and wiiiiiiide avenues....

 Hehehehhehehe.... yeap... we're here! ;-P

The city is full of simply amazing buildings, amazing cupolas, architecture at its best (ok, and worst, I'm guessing, with all the tall THIN buildings....A european look, absolutely impressive...

 Jewels of the past, waiting to be restored..

 Corrientes!!!!! (Really... Buildings this thin ?) ;-P

Orchestra in the parks, though open access is limited by fences in practically all of them.


 The murals at Flores station, on the way  to Feria de Mataderos! And a view to another part of the city.


 Ehm.... the absolutely right country for grilled meat!!! Arribaaaaaa!!!

 Fair!!!!!! Not fair though, that not all of the people were there... So, raincheck, for next Sunday!!!

Oh, well, lots of truth in both statements..

Ok, you can buy me property here... I sooo dig the place! (Well, who wouldn't? )

 The corbeta Uruguay, used in the exploration of Antarctica, an absolute beauty of a ship!

 Oh, Calatrava... who would have guessed!! ;-P

 The bridge, an absolute beauty!!!

 Ehm... nice river colour, no? ;-P

 Yeap... I'd most definetely live here... The most expensive part of Buenos Aires, you say? Hm.... "$·%"%!·$!·!  teacher's salary.....


 The eternal flame....

 Seriously now... that's a river? A RIVER? Where's the other bank, then? ;-D

 Ok... river... but ehm... do they actually eat those fish?

 La Flor!
 Surrounded both by a lake and a trench...

Confiteria Ideal...

.... and TANGO!!! ;-D


And yes.... Construyamos nuestro futuro...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Απολαυστική όλη η σειρά!
Πάντα τέτοια!

10:54 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Hey,thanks, I'm planning to!!

12:01 am


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