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Monday, February 11, 2008

Talkin' about butterflies in my head...

Well, when you're absolutely stuck with trying to guess what's wrong with your xampp installation and it does not really work, and Joomla sort of buffles you when you try to work out about three versions of it all at the same time, and all this while playing with Moodle, (hey, and not to mention Kallisto, the environmental classes programme) then it's time for your friends to kidnap you for a destination casually mentioned when you've already crossed the borders for Arkadia and Ladonas' dam!

Destination No. 1, the monastery of Klivokas, which hangs on the side of a rocky mountain, and where the sight of the lift will leave you speechless.. (as will the stairs, mind you!)

If you are wondering how to ruin a perfect piece of nature, just take a look...

Oh, and notice the tablecloth on top of the lift (well, there's no roof, is there, then?) as well as the cable hanging, that's the doorbell...

The monastery is famous for a cave that runs well into the rock, an absolutely amazing place, which you can't visit if you're claustrophobic, really tall or don't like crawling.. (plus, if you're afraid of the dark cause your friends will most definitely kill the lights while you're inside and you'll just be left in the dark!!).

I absolutely loved it (if you're interested in the story of the icon and suchlike, well, there's a book available) since spelunking has always been a wild dream for me, and if we weren't short for time, there was ample crawling to be done at what seemed the far end of the cave...

Threatening shadows!!! (Κάνε παιδί μου παραπέρα, μπαίνεις μέσα στο πλάνο....)

Talismans in the cave...

The view is absolutely breathtaking, and the old nun that is left to take care of the monastery, very sweet (if you don't mind the third degree questioning...), if you plan to visit, be kind enough to bring her something in the area of supplies.

Next drill, a 4X4 wheel drive through the gorge, speeding through waterholes and really rough roads next to Ladonas, one of the best places that I've ever been to, and all ending in Dimitra, a fantastic village (did I mention the rreeeeeeaaaaaallly narrow streets?) and, of course, we got stuck there with the good wine and the steaks next to the fire....)

So, now, come on Joomla, give me your best, I'm all for it after the great drive (and the aching muscles from the laughter...)


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