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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please don't stop the music!!!!

You know you're doing something right, when the rest of your country is involved in lamenting, funerals, scandals, endless debates about dark dealings, and what you do, is turn off the TV and go out and support communication, life and the future. So, here in Olympia, we started our day with meeting once again with a school delegation from China! Students from a variety of schools in Beijing, met with a small group of our students, and talked about Life, the Universe and Everything!

We all had a great time, the kids especially who got small mementos from their Chinese peers, and got to know, even for a short time, another culture and its ways.

But this is not all, busy days, busier nights all around!!! The weekend spent in Patras, at a seminar about Environmental Education by the National Technical University of Greece, which frankly, seriously lacked in organisation. Several of the papers were absolutely fantastic but overall, for something that was being planned such a long time, it didn't live up to any expectations!! We had a great time though and are ready for the next phase in February!!!!

Monday morning spent in yet another seminar, at the Information Center of Strofylia - Kotychi, about an educational package, a very good presentation of the area with great worksheets for schools to work on. We definitely plan to get that, and if you are a teacher, consider working with this material in your school!!

And from then on, straight on (ok, with a short but great break) to a seminar on Moodle, with a fantastic group (yo, guys, seriously, we should stop having such laughs always, people are getting jealous, hehehe, μας έχουνε καταματιάσει αν δεν το έχετε πάρει είδηση), and under great teaching, of course!!

And the minutes continue to tick by, over cups of coffee with great talks, tsipoura with barboutseli by the sea, reforesting a part of our area tomorrow, long, lazy walks by the sea, a little bit of Moodle, the cameras clicking on to happy moments, smiles frozen in time and warm hugs, the smell of home cooked food, the Fabia all ready to devour the kilometers between the nearby capitals two days in succession, all in all, our life, mostly harmless!


Blogger YO!Reeka's said...

αντε ρε ήρθαν τα κινεζόπουλα στην ολυμπία, τι καλά :)

9:42 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Χιχι, ναι, ναι, είχαν έρθει και πέρσι, έχει πολυ γούστο η υπόθεση!! Τώρα βέβαια θέλουν και τα δικά μας να τα πάμε στο Πεκίνο!

7:32 am


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