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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Είσαι το πιο γλυκό μεθύσι

One more festival gone by, a cinematic fortnight and especially the last week of the main screenings, successfully behind us now, with more unique moments added to our lives!

Yet another fantastic awards ceremony, with the birthday cake delivered by children from all over the world, singing Happy Birthday to Dimitris Spyrou in their languages, and a fantastic program with songs from Hatzidakis and Theodorakis!! The Zizanio awards funny as always, made us all laugh!!

The reception was fantastic as always, and left us rolling on the floor laughing, (Vassilis featured one more time in the pic, my favourite theme all these days, though I skipped a couple of telltale photos I have to admit, α, ρε Βασίλη με το σκαμνάκι σου και την πατερίτσα, hehehe!!!)!! And the next day began as always, yet one more time at Melrose long after midnight, with everybody dancing and laughing, and singing in the languages of the world!!! Photos of the reception and Melrose are censored in this blog (έχουμε και προσωπικά δεδομένα να διαφυλλάξουμε, χοχοχο!!!), anybody who is jealous, should have joined, even though we had already reached the stretching limit of Mel in the first 10 minutes of our arrival (Πασχαλίδη, καλό αυτό με τους 300, χεχεχε, έγραψες για μια ακόμα φορά!!!!). The sweet feeling will last for long now!!!!

And since the festival was not the only thing that kept the clock ticking during the weekend, yesterday and today morning, seminar in the Center of Environmental Education at Krestena, with great presentations, and a fantastic tour at Kayafas! (I seem to be going a lot there lately, hohoho)!!

Of light and shadows, the rain and sun playing games!

The bough...

And the fish...

We are not alone...

And the day goes on, with a speech on "Genesis and the Flood" delivered by the famous Greek astrophysicist Dionysis Simopoulos, and after that, the screenings of the films that got last nights awards!!!!


Blogger nyctolouloudo said...

το κείμενο σου εκπέμπει ενθουσιασμό μεγάλο! πέρασες καλά ε;

2:14 pm

Blogger >Lina said...

στείλε μου ένα μέηλ σε παρακαλώ!


υπάρχει λόγος =)

9:52 am

Blogger snikolas said...

Πωωωω ρε μάνα μου μια τούρτααααα!!!

11:31 am

Blogger Sophia said...

Χοχο, και συνεχίζω να περνάω (με λιγότερες προβολές, πρέπει να παραδεχτώ!!)!!!


Άστα, άστα, το κακό είναι πως δεν ήταν αληθινή, αλλιώς θα σου έλεγα εγώ!!! Σοκολάτα σε τέτοιο μέγεθος... μιαμ μιαμ...

2:21 pm


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