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Monday, December 12, 2005

The unbearable lightness of being

After having spent the past 2 weeks and hours on end in front of a cinema screen opening windows to a world, heimlich or unheimlich, structured or fragmented, it is hard to go back to the ordinary every day life. The curtain is down for the 8th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and we are already planning for the 9th!! The kids going about and thinking about what films they can make while we are still humming to the beat of the past 2 weeks, our feet still dancing to the music! Ωστόσο... glimpses into the different worlds, the different people, but still, people none the less, opened before our eyes have made us better individuals. And the taste of this remains till, a year from now, the curtain will rise again, and we'll start breathing the fresh air of creation for yet once more. For a while, we stepped into other people's lives, ordinary and extraordinary and emerged to the surface in the Aristotelian sense. Catharsis...


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