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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nature attacks!

Well, I should probably run a herpetology class at home, today's count was 1 scorpion, 2 snakes! The scorpion decided he wanted to take the tour of the house so he came to party, but, alas, came to a sorry end since my dad inflicted a quick and delibarate death upon him, before I could get my hands on the camera!! Pity, he matched my tiles, perfectly! Still wondering how he made it through the door with all those people coming and going! It kind of reminded me of that guy in Afghanistan who lives with hundreds of scorpions in order to make the Guiness book. Creepy...
The two snakes were in the stone wall at the patio, I know there must be a nest there, I always find a couple every summer. So, when you visit, don't leave milk lying around or you'll be in for a nasty surprise (I don't really mind snakes, as long as they keep themselves well beyond the interior of the house).


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