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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Decoding the beach!

Taking one look around today on the beach, I realised that about half the people there holding a book were reading one of the Dan Brown novels, which is real fun, if you come to think it in terms of universality! Here we are, about more than a hundred people gathered in one place, from about 7 different countries of the globe, sharing something in common (other than the beach and the waves that is)! Someone is always bound to give you a knowing smile once they see you holiding either Deception Point, Digital Fortress and more so, Angels and Demons or the Da Vinci Code. Plus, it's so easy to strike a conversation: everybody is eager to share opinions and talk about the amount of fact versus fiction in all. Usually it's about the issues brought up in the Langdon novels cause practically everyone has read those, but, imagine the fired up conversations on the mathematics of the Digital Fortress and issues on cryptography over drinks with little umbrellas stuck in them!
Hey, I am even tempted to write an encrypted message on the sand, just to see who will pick up the trail!!! ;-D


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