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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a feeling under the stars, my body's rotating from Venus through Mars

 -Hey, Skype is great (and free), because, let's face it, you're on the other side of the world!
-Ah, nooooo, YOU're on the other side of the world!! :-P
-Ah, NO! YOU're in the other side of the world!! :-PPPPPPP
-Hahaha, so, how come you're not hanging upside down? 

Martian census!!?!  ;-D! What about that?
-Geeks are always dangerous if they're against you!
-So, ok, turn on the runcible! And "don't worry, it's perfectly safe. Runcibles hardly ever go wrong."


Blogger Unknown said...

Και η τζένκα πάλι πως στέκεται έτσι ορθά απ' την άλλη πλευρά της γης;;;

11:58 am

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Χοχοχοχοχο, δεν είναι στην άλλη το Mini Jenka, είναι σε αυτήν!

2:03 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Ε, οπότε αν το δεις απ' την άλλη;;;

9:17 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Θα σε ενημερώσω οσονούπω!

9:20 pm


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