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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On my mind, on my mind, on my mind, on my mind

...There's a thing that I can't explain...

-Hey, guys, it's so great that you are here, this is the grand opening for my new kitchen, it's the first meal that I'm cooking here, and I'm sharing it with you!!!
-Yeah, well, let's hope it's not our last!!! Though, it smells great!! I'm starving!!!

-Need any help?
-Ok, I need you to go upstairs and get me one large salad bowl, extra forks, spatula, coffee mugs, paper napkins, towels, three.....
-EEeeehmmmm... Ok... Oh... look at the time!!! I have to check my emails!!

-Ok, this is called boujiourdi, it's feta cheeze with tomato and chilli, and I'm guessing it's really extra spicy, since my hand is red from chopping the chilli!!
-Well, how many chillies did you put in?
-Just two...
-TWO? For this small plate here?
-Oh, well, it can't be that hot... I see most of it is already gone!!
-Yeah, that's because Ernesto is attacking it!!!
-Oh, I better hurry then!! Make way!! I didn't get the skin burn for nothing!!

-Hm.. what kind of ice-cream should we get?
-I'm guessing, all flavours... Maybe some twice?
-Oh, you think that 6 kilos of ice-cream for 8 people won't be enough?
-Well, better safe than hungry...

-Is Ernesto still sleeping?
-Kind of... I think he can hear us!! Let's smear him with shaving cream!!
-Yeah, let's shave his legs!!
-Hehe, Sophia is the only one who can do that and be safe afterwards!!
-Yeah, and now that he's taken off the cast, he can't hurt us that much!!

-I told Koyan that I'd hurt him if you did funny things to me while I was sleeping...
-We only did serious things to you, don't worry!
-...some of which you won't find out until a couple of days from now!

-Let me put some milk caramel as a topping on your ice cream!!
-Well, I can finish off the whole can!!! And you know, in Argentina they do that with fresh milk and sugar and they boil it for about 6-7 hours... It's fantastic!!
-Oh.... we should really try to do that too!!

-Oh, Koyan has bashed his head on your ceiling!!
-OHHHHH!!!! Did he make a dent?

-What are you munching?
-I have dates? Where??
-From your palm trees, these are dates here, they're small, but edible!!
-Wow, you should really come more often!!


Blogger Unknown said...

Τελικά η πιπεριά πειράζει στο κεφάλι...

11:08 am

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Λες??? Χμ... χρειαζόμαστε περισσότερα πειραματικά δεδομένα για να επιβεβαιώσουμε ή να απορρίψουμε το συμπέρασμα αυτό!!!

11:32 am

Blogger Кроткая said...

τζίζους, παιδί μου, ΔΥΟ ΠΙΠΕΡΙΕΣ?!?!?!

8:35 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

E, μα ναι!!! Και εκεί που λες "Οκ, δεν θα φάνε πολύ και θα μείνει για μένα, ΠΑΝΕ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΤΣΑΚΙΖΟΥΝΕ ΟΛΟ!! Ε, μα είναι πράγματα αυτά, κύριε Πρόεδρε??? (Και πάλι, δεν ήταν και πολύ καυτερό, πιο πολύ κάψιμο έκανε η πιπεριά όταν την έκοβα, παρά όταν την έτρωγα!!!0

9:15 pm

Anonymous koyan said...

Καλά, δεν το τσακίσαμε όλοι όλο... εσύ και ο γλυκούλης το τσακίσατε....

3:53 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

AXAXAXAXA!!! Κι εσύ? Για αυτό την έπεσες στο ταβάνι? Δεν είχες τι άλλο να τσακίσεις??? (Καλά, δεν συζητάω για την soggy pasta... άκου τρία πιάτα... Πως να έχεις μετά σωστό orientation...)

4:07 pm

Blogger Ebismo said...

Let's correct things, when I woke up i just rememberesd telling Koyan I would bite him.. so i did (For your informatin he is not even tasty...) yeah, they explained I had said that I would bite him "if you guys played pranks on my sleeping self".. I have no reolection of that. I promised a biting, I fullfiled my promise. ;-)
and yes, the peper flavored chesse was WONDERFULL (and the pasta was quite good, 3 servings I had)
House is nice, except for the koyan-shaped indentations in the ceiling...

8:10 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Hehehehe... you'll NEVER find out the things we did on your sleeping self... hehehehehe!!!
Are you sure Koyan suffered from you biting him? (Koyan? TASTY?? Bleah...) Cause your bites are really nice!!! ;-P You were supposed to hurt him a bit!!
You have to admit though, my house is just excellent for sleeping, we recommend it against insomnia and you are our best example -Koyan next, but he doesn't count, he sleeps a lot anyway!
And, hehe, if you wanted less soggy pasta, well, you shouldn't have lured me away from the cooking pot with great chit chat!! ;-P (Three servings? Brave...). Boujiourdi is one of my favourite snacks, next time I'll also add some salsa mexicana... Turbo!!

8:44 pm


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