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Monday, July 13, 2009

The magic lies scattered...

...on rugs on the ground
-Well, I've even brought my own bed!! Just in case you don't have enough for 15 people!
-And how many people can you carry with the Fabia?
-One and a half as it is, with the beach chairs, the drawer and what have you...
-So, take the drawer (...drawer? DRAWER???) and the beach chairs out, when we get home!! Cause you'll be driving some of us to the pool party, the van doesn't accomodate all!!
-Oh, right... As long as we don't forget the cake!
;-P-Hm.. Koyan has a strange signal light to turn, don't you think?
-Yeah, and that skull and bones thingy, what? Is it a warning sign! Maybe we should get him new signal lights...
-You think? Maybe we should get him a new motorbike!!

-So, Koyan! Have you heard of gravity?
-Don't worry, I won't fall asleep...
-It's not the "asleep" we're concerned with, it's the "fall"

-You should try these, I've brought them from Mexico!
-Oh, WOW!!! These are absolutely fantastic (and let's not forget the tequila!!!!). And the wafery ones, even more so!!
-Yeah, these, however, are a bit hot, there's chilly in them!
-Oh, how much candy did you bring? Are these all?

-No, I've also got these...
-Ok, are THESE all you've brought?
-Actually, no....

-... I've also brought this bag here....
-Oh, ok...., soooo, where do you leave the bag when you sleep?

-Did you accidentally throw Koyan into the pool?
-Well, he was just standing there... it was so provocative!!
-Hoho, do it again, he can't hurt you, you have the cast, you can threaten him with it!!

-That's definitely a piña colada!
-And where's the rum, then?
-There's some in it!
-What? Like a drop? I can't taste any! Noone's ever gonna get drunk on this!!
-Well, the margueritas are coming later on!

-What's this, then?
-Strawberry daquiri...
-And those other jugs over there?
-Melon, and margueritas!
-Are we ordering with colours?

-What kind of cake is it?
-Two separate chocolate cakes!!!! They're delicious!
-Oh, but I don't like chocolate!!
-Oh, EXCELLENT!! More for us then!!
-.. but I'll try Stella's cake, from yours!
-Are you done with the pictures? Cause we would actually like to cut it!!!
-Ok, as long as you serve us from both!!

-Do you think there is an actual chance of lighting the candles with all that wind?
-Oh, well,... they make holes on the topping too... But, we can try!

-One, two, three...
-Hm... three seconds pass faster if you're Mexican, then?
-Actually, one, two, three, is 2.6 seconds...
-Hm... he's got a point, you know... Actually, one between 2 and 6!!

-We need a native speaker here, to rule on what the card says!
-(Yeah, plus she's holding a huge knife... who would challenge what she says??) So, Sarah?
-Ok, the card doesn't say, so Stella can actually do that, even more so since it's against the rules.
-Well, she has sharp logic... (not to mention a sharp knife, eh?)

-How long before the echiladas are ready?
-Well, since you didn't actually light the oven, much longer than you planned!!!

-These are a bit spicy, heh?
-A BIT? Just keep the hose ready...

-There's an echilada left!!!
-Ok, if noone claims it, I'm willing to sacrifice myself!!
-We can split it in half... Wow, you eat much faster than I do!!!
-Well, I am extremely efficient in eating!! (Plus, with munchkin on the table, you never know who can steal it away or claim it in 2.6 seconds...)

-So, how many wi-fi devices you think we have now at the house?
-About 2 per person? So that would make at least 15!!!
-And how many Octavia Butler books? And readers? ( I knew, I should have brought my own copy...)

-What are you doing?
-I'm decorating Ernesto's cast.. And then, can I draw on your hand too?? I can make very beautiful flowers
-Eh... ok.....
And for the rest of the way...


Blogger Unknown said...

Πιστεύω οτι αυτό που σου λείπει από το φάμπια είναι το κομοδίνο...

10:02 am

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Χοχο, λες, ε? Ok, θα πω στον Ερνέστο να μου φτιάξει ένα πτυσσόμενο, ήδη έχω καβατζάρει μια πτυσσόμενη υπερκαταπληκτική σκάλα που σχεδίασε, για την κουζίνα μου!!

10:38 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Strawberry daquiri..."
ελπίζω με αληθινές φράουλες, όχι με σιρόπια και αηδίες...

[κάθε πότε έχετε κι από ένα γεννέθλιο εκεί πέρα???? γκρρρ!!!]

10:44 am

Blogger Unknown said...

Μα γιατί να τα κάνεις πτυσσόμενα;
Κάντα "εντοιχισμένα" στην ταπετσαρία και βάλε και εγκατάσταση για μπαρ...

11:11 am

Blogger Sophia said...

Κοίτα, κι εμείς ελπίζαμε, και η αλήθεια είναι πως δεν ήταν και κακό, φραούλιζε κατά πολύ!! Αλλά είχαμε δοκιμάσε πριν και ένα σωρό σιρόπια από τριαντάφυλλο, μπανάνα και ένα σωρό καλούδια από χώρες διάφορες, οπότε καταλαβαίνεις...

{Επέτειος δώδεκα χρόνων γνωριμίας και δέκα χρόνων γάμου, των κολλητών!! Χεχε... με συμμετοχές από όλον τον κόσμο!!!]

@Darthiir the Abban
Άσε, ήδη έκανα την υποδοχή για τις προτεινόμενες υποδομές!! (Τι εννοείς εγκατάσταση για μπαρ? Και το πορτ μπαγκάζ, τζάμπα το έχει το βασικό αξεσουάρ?)

11:19 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ε, αφού ήρθαν από όλο τον κόσμο, δεν ήξεραν να φέρουν και λίγες φράουλες αληθινές?

11:21 am

Blogger Sophia said...

Άσε, φέρανε το βασικό, την φανταστική τεκίλα και κάτι άλλα ωραία και καλά, τα ποτά ήταν παρασκεάσματα του μαγαζιού που έγινε το πάρτυ!!! Δεν ήταν άσχημα, απλά ψιλοψάχναμε κάπως το αλκοόλ (ήταν σε έκδοση παιδική)!!!!

11:39 am


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