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Saturday, December 01, 2007

You kinda know you have talent!!!

First day today for Camera Zizanio, starting with the Greek section that goes on all weekend. Ten screenings of films, all from the area of Ileia, one from my own school, a short film about free time and hobbies done in French class the year before last!!

(Needless to say that it was fantastic, well done Maria and kids!!!)

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to share some of the glory, Camera Zizanio will be broadcasting live from the festival, so tune in to watch the films!! Plus, you never know, you might get a glimpse of all of us, hehehe!! Check out the videos on youtube, done in last year's workshops!!!

Literature in a cinematic form, another excellent event, concerning the work of Dimitris Hatzis through the eyes of modern creators.


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