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Monday, June 19, 2006


What a shock, finally getting home at two in the morning after a two hour drive trying to avoid all the goons that raced one another after the game (by the way, if someone can explain what tractors with no aparrent back light and very dim front ones were doing travelling about in the middle of the night, please feel free to inform me), only to find a huge slug going about its business on my newly washed kitchen mats!!! Needless to say I almost dropped the stuffed tomatoes that I was carrying to the fridge and it is lucky I stiffled a scream that would have brought not only my landlady downstairs, but also the whole neighbourhood!! Yikes, I hate slimy things that appear in my kitchen (or anywhere in the house) and what is more, from no apparent opening!!!

Of course, the bat that I found flying in the kitchen a couple of years back, must have come through the chimney or squeezed through the window panes, and that was really gross, especially since I had to wash _everything_ in the kitchen, not only all the stuff that was not tucked away in a cupboard (that's when I realised that there should be a limit to how many vases of spices can one keep on the kitchen counter) but also all the curtains and the carpet!!

Well, what's going on? Enough already with all those creatures creeping in!!


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