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Monday, March 13, 2006

Best moments

Father Ted and BHS, godjillaki coming up the stairs raising the dead. "I'm hooooooomee!!! -BANG!!-" (Oh, yeah? No s...!!!). Hehe, Dave, we should have recorded this!! ;-D


Anonymous daveako said...

Dear God. I thought those memories were gone forever!

It is great to be back in touch again, Sophaki. Expect me in Olympia in, err... 2007! :-S

6:51 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Well, how could all this racket be gone without leaving any scars behind, hehehe!!!

2007? Only a few months away? Cool!! Should I wait then to give you the Father Ted DVDs, or you want them for your birthday? Hehehe!!!

12:08 am


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