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Monday, July 23, 2012

You better think

Street festival for Colombia's Independence Day, in Buenos Aires.

Aaaaaaand, colombian food... arepas (didn't last long enough to take a pic, lol) and patacon.

Lunch, with a view! :-D

Museum of the Bicentennial, located in the historic corridors of the former Taylor Customs Agency, which was functional back in 1855, and over the remains of the Buenos Aires Fort, built in 1580.

Argentinian emblem.

Watching the videos on the desaparecidos, brought tears to everyone eyes... And justly so. Nunca más.

San Telmo open market. Hm... caramelled goodies...

Yum?? :-PPPP

Oh... and Teamviewer, I LOVE YOU!!!!


Blogger εύη said...

I think, you travel...who wins (jealous i say!!)?? :)

6:20 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

Lol, indeed! :-D

6:39 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

Είχα ανησυχήσει ότι το ταξίδι σου έκοψε την όρεξη, αλλά αρχίζεις και διορθώνεσαι :p

2:38 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

@Darthiir the Abban
Μπα, δεν υπάρχει τέτοιος κίνδυνος στον ορίζοντα!!! ;-Ρ

3:21 pm


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