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Thursday, April 03, 2008

How much there is to see!!!

An escape from everyday reality today, as we visited with one class, the new virtual reality facilities that have just been set up at the History of the Olympic Games Museum!

Everybody there was extremely friendly and all the new screens and tech stuff in the museum added much to its splendour, a much needed step into the 21st century!! (Hey, guys, can I live there?)

The PDAs running the multimedia tour of the museum, which in the automatic mode automatically tune in to the gallery you are viewing and display the relevant piece of the tour. A fantastic gadget that we all drooled over, kids and adult alike!

Despite the multimedia tour of the museum galleries, the most fun part was the messages that the kids could send one another!

We were very willing to crash-test all the equipment, we are all really good at pushing technology to extremes!!

The basement that has the virtual reality tour and the interactive screens was the favourite part for us all!

Ok, I _really_ want one of these, they work with infrareds and they are even more fantastic than touch screens.

The interactive games kept everyone busy for a good half hour and we will be going back for more!!


Blogger Darthiir the Abban said...


Καλύτεροι από Βερσαλλίες γίναμε...

7:44 pm

Blogger Sophia said...

@darthiir the abban
Oh, mais oui!!! Εγώ πάντως λέω να ξαναπάω και σήμερα!!

7:56 am


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